ICF Coach + NLP Certification & Certified Ace Trainer


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Starting November 20


ICF Certified Life & Executive Coach Training

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Nov 30 – Dec 06

Mumbai, India

Certified BestLife NLP Practitioner Training

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M1: Dec 14, 15, 16

M2: Jan 18, 19, 20

M3: Feb 22, 23, 24

M4: Mar 15, 16, 17

Delhi, India

ICF & NLP Certified Coach Training

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M1: Dec 21, 22, 23

M2: Jan 25, 26, 27

M3: Feb 15, 16, 17

M4: Mar 22, 23, 24

Mumbai, India

ICF & NLP Certified Coach Training

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M5: Feb 01 – 03

Delhi, India

Time Consciousness Coach Training

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M6: Feb 28 – Mar 03

Delhi, India

Language Pattern & Belief Busters Coach Training

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  • Certified Associate Coach: (Module 1+2)
  • Certified Associate Coach + NLP Practitioner: (Module 1+2+3)
  • Certified Professional Coach + NLP Practitioner: (Module 1+2+3+4)
  • Certified Master Coach + NLP Master Practitioner: (Module 1+2+3+4+5+6)
  • Option available to join only Module 4 or Module 5 or Module 6

7 Best Days of devotion to Certification Training – 7 Advantages with Alphastars

  • Certificate Signed by Dr. Richard Bandler (Top Most Seal of Authority)
  • Patterning Transformational Strategies (UnConscious Strategic Patterning)
  • 3 Years Future Vision Integration (Propulsion System at work)
  • All NLP Skills Auto-Mode Set up (Fun-da-Mentoring + Embedded Imprinting)
  • BestPractices Ability (Safe mode working on other’s issues)
  • Installing Self-Coaching Ability (Stringent Testing by Bandler’s Standards)
  • FREE Post Training support (Assured Success)

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Online ICF Certified Life Coach Programs




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19th June, 2018 Tuesday (7:30pm – 9:30pm) FULL ACTP 125 hours ICF certified Coach training Click here to Register

Beyond Beliefs in 8 days..

“Do I have to first believe to achieve or should I achieve first to make believe” which one do you think is the mind-set of mastery?

Obviously when you can ‘make believe’! (just as new technology brings pleasant surprises! and make you believe.)

Now imagine ‘something surprising’ that others keep thinking about and ‘this’ something really worthy, you manage to embed or seed it in your gut and deep in your muscles, bones and every fiber of your being. And this shows up as ‘pleasant surprise’ in your work.

And if this master show-work makes others bite their finger and murmur about your deliverance that surpasses all the set norms, all that was never done before and all that was not even imagined. How would you appreciate your master decision?

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