In our BestLife NLP Master Practitioner Certification…

Everything becomes alive as soon as workshop starts and until end, you see and feel yourself like many who leave on the final day more learned and wise. You become ferociously curious and at the same time amazingly dynamic to deal with eventualities of life equipoise and balanced.

Our commitment and not simply the endeavor as a trainer is to make you outcome focused and resource oriented person who is so elegant and confident to use tools and seek the answers that you are looking for.

Learn by experiencing the perfect blend of modern techniques based on authentic research and facts.
We use the most effective mediums of communication to impart learning to the core.

We know having made the best choices and you have reached at this point of life. And it is your time to make the Next Best Choice. Now move you BestPrcatices to a level beyond, the Mastery Level of NLP. Avail this wonderful opportunity, aren’t you excited?

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People backing the BestLife NLP Master class at Alphastars?

Alphastars is the Premier NLP Training institute in India have gained cutting edge in imparting Pure NLP training and today in the fore front of whole Asia. Sat and Siri have proven their credibility having mastered the art and science of NLP.

They have learned directly form the co-creator of NLP Dr. Richard Bandler and even assisted him in 1997 in India, Bangalore the only time Practitioner Class taken by him.

Since then there have been no looking back and they bring the current and most updated developments in the field of NLP. They have taken latest update in July 2010 a full revision in Orlando, USA with Richard, John La Valle and Kathleen La Valle along with Master Trainers from USA, UK, Norway, Sweden, Brazil, Japan, Canada and other parts of world pioneering NLP, DHE, NHR etc.

Sat and Siri have Certified Professors and Deans from management Institutions. Coached CEO’s, trained Senior Leaders and helped people suffering from injuries, pain, trauma and setback.

They have worked with all types of industries and even coaches cine stars and media celebrities.(They often visit their class and love to learn more).

They offer consistent support and have touched, transformed and healed life of individuals and helped business people grow and set new benchmark. 99.9% of their clients are fully satisfied.

They are known for their unique presentation, coaching and communication style, help people model and blend to evolve their own style. They pay special focus on “synchronizing tonalities”. Something that Dr. Richard Bandler puts lots of emphasis.

A great gift of Bandler’s Technologies is, Sat and Siri as Licensed Trainers “use NLP to teach NLP” they fully adhere to international norms of SNLP. Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming that monitors ethics and standards of NLP education.

What happens in the course and continues thereafter:
  1. Gain cutting edge in Advanced Language Pattern. You have a remarkable influencing ability in your communication to impact any one’s mind.
  2. Have a new set of advance skills of eliciting, modeling and installing strategies for maximizing performance, gaining insight of others thinking processes. You X-ray and leverage others thought process to mold them into desired ethical output.
  3. Building higher order understanding of human thinking process, behavior, attitude and neurological array that generates unconscious response. Other want to willingly agree and fell happy with you.
  4. Achieve business and personal excellence. Develop more of inner resources. Being at ease you possess the ability to trigger multiple resources and make mountain move,
  5. Adopt, model and benefit from the excellence of people you appreciate. You become a natural modeler.
  6. Understand, acknowledge and respect people’s sense of reality and who they are. Your difference gets sorted and opinions welcome in all kind of situation.
  7. Discover new ways to communicate through words or tonality, body language in different kinds of situation. You are a full potential communicator.
  8. Build “appropriate level” of rapport and enriching bonding in Personal. Professional and Social Relationships. (each level is different). People swear by your ability to put people at ease that make them feel attracted towards you.
  9. Knock out deep rooted limiting beliefs and rather have unlimited possibilities emerging in life. You begin operating from potentialities rather than possibilities.
  10. Change behaviors that hold you now to progress and grow. Every change for you is thrill and adventure.
  11. Develop propelling vision and compelling goals for yourself and achieve them in set timeline. Achieving any goal is your true nature, you are known as person of accomplishment.
  12. Break habitual patterns and shake unproductive thinking you are conversationally dismantling the structure of unproductive layers.
  13. Bring all the changes that you want to see in your life command by command.


Any practitioner who has developed a faith in the power of NLP skills. And now want to use them with a mind-set of mastery. Also wants to increase the inventory of NLP tool-box for razor like effectiveness in leading and coaching self and others to not so easily imaginable performance levels.



  1. Improve self-management and team leading strategies.
  2. Manage negotiations by addressing the unconscious.
  3. Get insight of people that even experienced interviewers doesn’t come to know.
  4. Make new understanding of the temporal dimensions of time.
Communication Impact:

  1. Communicate more powerfully yet elegantly.
  2. Adopt flexibility without losing confidence.
  3. Apply indirect and advanced language patterns, increase persuasion.
Problem Solving:

  1. Stack realities in a manner that solution emerges from the unconscious.
  2. Unleash creatively and generate new paradigms in all aspects of life.
Enhanced Performance:

  1. Build deep levels of rapport with others quickly and easily.
  2. Set and achieve personal and business goals more easily.
Synergise Personal & Work Life:

  1. Let values become the guiding compass.
  2. Integrate personal and company’s values.
  3. Work out motivation and accomplishment strategies.
  4. Amplify resources in yourself and others.