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Company Overview

It all began in 1992, with a question in mind, “How to give people something that would lead them to be outstanding in their class and achieve the best in life?” as we deeply wanted people to do best, we booked a domain sending our intent to the world.

This led us to search for the best of intervention available, and we zeroed on “NLP” and begin from zero. But chose the Best NLP Training with Dr. Richard Bandler (co-creator of NLP).

We have marveled NLP Training for 20 best years experimenting in real life situations. Dealing with range of people, from diverse positions with different issues and pondering over the outcome to get better results every next time.

While you know you want to be a Ace Trainer as you take 1st step when you join Course, Read here why you should select AlphaStars

For over 22 years, the very core of trainings imparted by the Master Trainers of AlphaStars ‘Sat & Siri’ has been NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). Known as the best tool worldwide, for anyone to be able to get into a desired state, get over long held unproductive pattern, etc.

They have mastered the NLP skills over the years, the best tool ever to know instantly the other person’s mindset and emotional state, such that as a trainer you can understand the audience’s engagement level without questioning. Build rapport and anchor the desired learning state in the participants to get maximum results.

While the desired NLP skills essential for being the Best trainer is part of the workshop, the training, includes the sspecial set of skills mastered by the master trainers for being able to outstandingly engage the audience. Including skills like taking the right stance, appropriately addressing difficult questions, etc.

This training is not about how to train people in NLP or related skills. If you want to become NLP Trainer, you have to attend ‘Charisma Enhancement “ Trainng with Dr,Richard Bandler after qulifying as Licensed Practitiner of NLP and Master Practitioner of NLP with AlphaStars.

With over 22 years of experience of helping people ‘Achieve the Best’, trainers ‘Sat & Siri’, ensure they bring quality to everything they offer.

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