ICF ACTP InnerMost Shift BestLife Coach & NLP Certification

ACTP PCC 168 hrs. PCC ICF Coach + NLP Certification [19th May- 6th June 2016 Mumbai]

            ACSTH 84 hrs ACC ICF Coach+ NLP Certification [15th-22nd Aug, 2016 New Delhi]

Why Get Certified as BestLife – Executive – Business Coach?

Do you want to change some one’s life by helping the person gain clarity of  Goal? Do you want help someone sort out relationship problem ? is there a person around you waiting to be decisive and you want to help? This what we train you as a life coach so that you can assist anyone professionally and systematically!

Do you want to improve productivity of someone in just one-on-one 30 minute Executive Coaching session? How would you feel impacting personal efficiency of your friend or a person you know or make-believe team members, they can increase collective performance up by 20 % or more as much you decide , just in 2 or 3 Group Coaching sessions, think of growing sense of satisfaction as  you Get Certified to be Executive Coach

You can be a Business Coach  to Small Business Owners to double up sales and increase profits in 6 months with few fortnightly sessions, what about having a single Team Coaching session and helping them envision a new brand building strategies, won’t you love to make upcoming Managers to evolve as Strategic Leader by personalising performance coaching and while you are on this page a BestLife coach is making an appreciable difference in the life of a client, friend, manager, CEO or leadership aspiring young lad.

Welcome in your life Alphastars a globally prestigious ICF ACTP – Approved Coach Trainin Program and NLP Training Certification meant to develop you as Innermost Shift BestLife-NLP Coach for Executive and Business Transformational

The course is offered in “Four Modules” , Each Module, 4 Days in person Training. See below the flexi options to take entire 16 days Coach Specific Training as per ICF competencies. Ask for brochure, dates and fee. 

Astonishing facts about NLP Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) [read NLP Info section to know more about NLP] has been always recognised as a remarkable coaching tool. Coach approach central to Outcome Thinking, Resource Anchoring, Belief Bursting and Well Formed-ness Conditions etc. are powerful NLP skills that synchronise well alongside any coaching model. People form diverse background and different thinking style having mastered NLP, have made it quite indispensable tool for business, life, executive and all sort of coaches. . Meta-Model , sleight of mouth patterns and Milton Model etc engages both the conscious and unconscious minds. It become easier to tap into unexplored parts of mind that leads to high performance state. Unconscious Competency Modelling and Learning to Model Excellence, Designing and Installing Strategies are few to count NLP skills taught in out BestLife NLP Training Model that opens up ‘high way’ of possibilities . Coach’s ability to practice these techniques makes protege believe, ‘anything is possible!’ And you learn many of such techniques during the program, more than enough to make an elegant impact as BestLife Coach.

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who Should Attend:

HR Leaders, HR Professionals, Learning & Developement Professionals, Trainers and Consultants.
Enterpreneures, Directore, Business Owners, General Managers, & Team Leaders
Sales Team Leaders, Sales Professionals and Business People
Therapists, Psychologists, Healthcare Professionals and Consultants
Anyone who wants to be a Life, Executive, Leadership or Business Coach

We offer the following Modules as per ICF Competencies & Ethics for certification as a InnerMost shift Coach & BestLife NLP Certification :
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Step 1 – Innermost Shift BestLife NLP –  Leaders & Manager as Performance Coach / Motivation & Change Coach
  1. Module-I,   4 days- 32 Hrs. (in person)
  2. Flexi Option-1-Attend Module-I,  in  2 Days + 2 Days or All the training in a Fast Track 4 Days in person training
  3. Complete 8 Hrs Self-study + 2 Hrs Self-Coaching
Step 2 – Innermost Shift BestLife NLP Belief Change & Vision Coaching
  1. Module -II,  4 days -32 Hrs. (in person)
  2. Flexi Option-2-Attend Module -II in  2  Days + 2 days or All the training on a Fast Track 4 Days in person training
  3. Complete 8 Hrs Self-study + 2 Hrs. Self-Coaching Step 2 – BestLife Professional Coach Certification


Step-1 and Step-2 amount to 84 Hrs Coach Specific Training, 5 observed session as per ICF norms

Complete 10 pro bono + 30 Hrs coaching sessions with option of 3 observed sessions.

Get Certified as Innermost Shift BestLife Professional Coach

Apply for NLP Practitioner Certification

Act now be a BestLife-Business Coach


Step 3 – Innermost Shift BestLife NLP Life Decisions and TimeLine Coaching
  1. Module-III, 4 days – 32 Hrs. (in person)
  2. Flexi Option-1-Attend Module-III,  in  2 Days + 2 Days or All the training in a Fast Track 4 Days in person training
  3. Complete 8 Hrs Self-study + 2 Hrs Self-Coaching
Step 4 – Innermost Shift BestLife NLP Values, Identity & Purpose  Coaching
  1. ,Module -IV, 4 days -32 Hrs. (in person)
  2. Flexi Option-2-Attend Module -II in  2  Days + 2 days or All the training on a Fast Track 4 Days in person training
  3. Complete 8 Hrs Self-study + 2 Hrs Self Coaching Step 2 – BestLife Professional Coach Certification

Step-3 and Step-4 amount to 84 Hrs Coach Specific Training, 5 observed session as per ICF norms

Complete 10 Pro bono + 30 Hrs Coaching Sessions with option of 3 obsreved sessions

Get Certified as  Innermost Shift BestLife (Inner Alignment)Master Coach

Apply for NLP Master Practitioner Certification

Act now be a BestLife-Business Coach


Summary of Program Contents & Certification Offerings

As the Coach Training is NLP based go to main menu and click 7 days and 8 days NLP Certification Trainings to know the contents.

The program modelled & structured as per Eleven well defined ICF Core Coaching Competencies.

 It encompasses Four Powerful Modules created to give you an structured learning of coaching.

  • About Coaching
  • Conducting Coaching Sessions.
  • Coaching essentials and Insights.
  • Assessments and Profiles.
  • Contracting Coaching Engagement.
  • Establishing coaching practice.
  • Assessing the Coach Competencies.
  • Designing Coaching Tools & Tips.
  • NLP Practitioners Level Coaching Tools
  • NLP Master Practitioner Level Coaching Tools

Siri G P Kaur Khalsa, ACC ICF +InnerMost Shift Leadership Coach  Goldsmith Executive Coach + NLP Trainer
Sat P Singh Khalsa, PCC ICF +InnerMost Shift Business Coach +Marshal Goldsmith Executive Coach + NLP Trainer
are faculty for Coach Certification and Offers Complimentary Coaching Session.


Open to All

Take 7 days in person  NLP Practitioner Certification

  1. Get upto 60 Apptoved Coach specific Training Hours
  2. Apply for ICF ACC  Innermost Shift BestLife Professional Coach

Take 8 Days Master Practitioner Certification

  1. Get 65 Hrs Approved Coach Specific Training
  2. Apply Innermost Shift BestLife (Inner Alignment) Master Coach
  3. X-Ray of Mind Certification
  4. If you have taken our 168 ACSTH Qualify ICF PCC

2/3/4 Days (in person) Open or Corporates Workshop for Executives/Individuals

Work-Place and Business Applications based on Module- I,II, III & IV
(Learn Coach Approach as per ICF norms- Create Culture of Coaching-Add Coach Specific Training hours)
  1. BestLife Emotionally Vibrant Coach
  2. BestLife Excellence Coach
  3. Manager & Leaders as Producivity Coach

We also have trained coaches to help you and your teams grow!
We can help corporates to develop internal coaches