Other Programs

Other Programs

NLP for Hi-impact leadership

Leaders are known by the value they deliver in a system they work. We invite you to take up NLP for Hi-Impact Leadership, if you aspire to hear your inner voice, “ I work in flow state of mind, add values by way of my contribution with best possible usage of human resource, processes and material. I am the force that works without ever forcing people. I am an outstanding leader with resolute mind.”

Interviewing Skills

Select the right candidate using Meta-Profiling – a New Improved approach to understanding the thinking Pattern of an individual.Ensure better working with and within your team, select the right to avoid trap of doing & re-doing work yourself. Assure right fit with the organization culture and avoid Common interview errors like Self-bias, intimidating the candidate, lack of rapport with candidate, recency effect and more. This workshop empowers interviewers to

Lead candidate to the truth. Understand their mind set; their thinking patterns. Know their core values & check alignment with your organization value. Improve your overall ability to interpret information being shared.

Creating Value Culture

Searching for a powerful approach to transform culture? This workshop will empower your people to Awaken Consciousness, Infuse Team Spirit and imbibe organization’s value system in their unconscious minds, fostering a team culture of Co-operation, Co-existence & Co-prosperity.

Communication for Relationship & Success

Communication being the only medium which connects people to get what they want. This workshop will improve listening, understanding, trust worthiness and rapport building, verbal & non-verbal modes. Remove Mental Blocks and Improve Relationships resulting in success in every walk of life.

Organize Time Manage Life

Most valued workshop based on Natural Laws of Effectiveness, self-coaching secrets for Timely Accomplishments. Re-organize your life-work make every moment count. Increase Inner Peace and raise productivity. Eliminate Time-Wasters and learn to execute your work-plan.

Assertiveness and Empowerment

Say ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ gracefully! You do not want to hurt anyone and at the same time there are times when you are not in a position to take what others are giving you. There is a definite way to win trust, give respect and yet assert. This is ultimate way of empowerment.

Time and Stress Management

Time is equally available to all of us. Yet many of us find it hard to keep a pace with the requirement of time and mental peace. They become habitual to trade one for the other and finally end up losing both. This workshop opens up possibilities of making the best of available time in every aspect of life. Also you learn to be calm, peaceful and resilient to the pull and push of life.

Other Unique Most trusted organization building programs:

  1. Inspirational communication
  2. Entrepreneurial spirit
  3. Unstoppable Leader
  4. Transforming habitual patterns
  5. Guru of Excellence
  6. Negotiation skills Decision Strategies
  7. Modeling Excellence
  8. Leading Teams
  9. Winning trust
  10. Power of Rapport
  11. Managing change

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