Have a More Structured approach to your HR Practices….
Align your Business Strategy to your HR Strategy


Imagine walking into your office all the people there thinking of the benefit of the organization working towards the common goal – motivated everyday.

How much would you like working in this environment?

How much fun will it be to walk into the office everyday. No matter who calls or visits the office, they come in contact with a happy, dedicated workforce and it is soo pleasant to deal with them.

The employees, people working in the organization are happy and satisfied with their work .. As they are clear about their benefits and confident of the fairness in practices of the organization.

Isn’t this what you want for your organization?

How far is the existing scenario from what you want?


Ready to take the 1st step and improve your HR systems, Processes & Practices


All HR Solutions proposed and discussed after understanding the industry, the current operations of the company, growth plans, the value system of the company and existing HR status


How we Work

Designing & systematically setting up the HR system in the organization. Starts with understanding the business of the business, the beliefs & values, growth plans, the current systems and structure (formal & informal).

Once it is all plotted down the customized work for the organization begins. The required structure is designed in consultation and agreement with the management of the organization.

All existing practices (written & unwritten) in terms of compensation structure, salary payout, policies, employee engagement activities, appraisals, training, HR budget, etc. is clearly noted down. Changes wherever necessary is proposed and the most important part of any HR system being the implementation and communication, AlphaStars is with the organization in question till after the smooth implementation of all required changes.


HR Solutions



HR Architect of the organization

Laying the foundation of the organization, begins with laying a solid foundation for HR.

First things first, laying the organization structure with apt job description for each position makes way for Manpower planning.

All other activities of HR, like job clusters, position alignment in turn making a foundation of grade wise policies, correct compensation & benefit philosophy, Internal & External Benchmark, Recruitment Guidelines, Performance Management System, etc.

The Organization Strategy is always to be closely aligned to the HR Strategy for either of function properly and reach to the desired outcome.


Organization Structure

Functioning of every organization, big or small, begins with an organization structure. As the organization gathers momentum, and grows from single digits to double and triple digits, it is of vital importance that the hierarchy and responsibilities therein be judiciously noted down.


Job Description

Every position in the organization is duly mapped w.r.t. the roles & responsibilities for which the position exists, the skills & competencies required, the nature of the job, etc. A well documented Job Description makes it simpler to hire people as well as explain to people the expectations from them


Manpower Planning

Each person in the organization is hired & is there for a purpose. For every position, currently occupied or planned to be filled in, the existence of the position is to be noted not only against the requirement for the position but also the skill sets of the person required to fill in the position


Recruitment Process & Guidelines

A Recruitment Process is an organization-specific model of how the sourcing of new employees is undertaken.  A critical process often overlooked at the time of hiring, which in turn leads to internal inequity, de-motivated employees, non-aligned workforce. Design and follow the process for smooth organization functioning.


Employee Policies and HR Manual

In absence of well documented and communicated policies, employees are deemed to be treated differently and a feeling of bias becomes hard to address. Ensure equal treatment of all your employees with well documented Leave, Attendance, Travel, Car, Mobile, Laptop and many more polices that are aligned to your organization culture.


Compensation & Benefits Philosophy

Is your organization ‘Pay for Performance’ ready, which skill sets are more vital for your industry, is your organization manufacturing based or service focused. Formulate the The Compensation & Benefit Philosophy of your organization by answering these and other critical questions.


Designing a Compensation Structure

What do you want to pay your employees for? Is it a longer tenure in the organization, is it higher education, performance, identifying the main points, how do you propose to distribute the compensation available taking into account the taxation benefits that can be passed on to the employee without adding any burden to the organization.


Internal & External Equity

Design the salary bands taking into account the Job responsibilities, requirements, complexity, and impact the position will have on the overall operations of the organization. While Skills, knowledge, experience, and performance of the individual will determine the actual salary, the overall compensation, as far as possible, should ensure equity.


Increment Cycle & Process

Employees today expect a regular increment in their salary to meet the growing expectations and also the need with increased inflation. As an organization, what parameters do you evaluate before giving salary increase. Is the salary increase in your organization justified as per your organization performance, growth plans & your compensation philosophy.


Performance Management System

Employees today expect a regular increment in their salary to meet the growing expectations and also the need with increased inflation. As an organization, what parameters do you evaluate before giving salary increase. Is the salary increase in your organization justified as per your organization performance, growth plans & your compensation philosophy.


HR Budget

Do you give time & attention in planning your HR Budget. Have you taken into account the recruitment expenses, the increment budget, the training expenses, the manpower turnaround, engagment activities – big & small etc. and accounted for it all in your annual budget. No matter how trivial it may sound, each small amount is an expense for your organization, and hence should be properly budgeted for


Employee Engagement Activities

How much do you want your employees to say “I love my job”. What activities do you do regularly in your organization, for your employees to feel they are part of the organizaton. From simple birthday greetings, and celebrating the important festivals to ‘thank you’ notes for job well done or help extended, every gesture makes an employee feel like a part of the organization.


Competency Profiling

Have you made a list of the required skills and competency for each profile. Are you aware of the critical competencies required in your organization in each function at different levels. Having done that, it is important to map each employees current level of competency against the required one. Where does your organization stand in this exercise?


Training Policy

Equip your people with the necessary skills, knowledge and attitudes to meet the organization’s growth plans. Ensure your employees are trained and developed on the skills that is required for them to grow as well as ensure the organization expansion plans are met. How will you identify the development needs, how will you ensure employees get the right opportunity to develop themselves, what specific arrangement are you making to align employee competency to required organization level competency


Career Coaching

Do the employees in your organization, seem dis-interested in their work. Probe further, maybe they are not in the right job meant for them. They might have the skills for the current job, with their passion lying somewhere else. Have you explored the possibility of coaching for these employees. Create work alignment for all the employees, have a happier and more productive work force.


Leadership Coaching

Almost all successful leaders have had someone who guided and coached them in a specific manner asking the all important questions which at times are difficult. A coach allows a leader to reflect on what is the current progress and what needs to be changed to achieve the desired level of progress.




About the Consultant – Puja Jhunjhunwala

A resourceful HR Professional with 12+ years of experience, Puja holds a Masters in Human Resource Management. Puja’s thoughtful yet pragmatic approach has been instrumental in her having had a versatile role in both domestic and global companies. She holds a strong background in Human Resource and talent management, with proven track record of delivering high quality, business focused HR support to senior executives and their teams.

Best People Practices Puja is commendable in: Center of Excellence, Training, Performance Management System, Compensation and Benefit, Talent Management, HR Policies, Competency Framework.

Typically respectful of the needs and concerns of people she works with, Puja is inclined to adopt and promote planned change programs and innovation initiatives in the workplace. Her experience inside organizations providers her with an appreciation for the impact HR initiatives have on organization effectiveness as well as the need for simplicity and cost effectiveness to ensure positive results. Her goal is to help clients receive just what they need, when they need it, in a manner that provides sustainable value.

Growth is imperative for both organizations and people and sometimes what hinder this are known or unknown mental blocks. As a NLP Master Practitioner & Certified Coach, Puja is trained to identify such issues, and realign people towards the path of prosperity. Her ability to have direct, meaningful communication with the client and helping the client become more aware of their true potential makes her a truly worthy coach and trainer.

A BestLife & Executive coach, she relates to people, helping them to draw their personal & professional vision and a plan to achieve it all by means of facilitating an internal dialogue within them.