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AlphastarsBestLife Corporate in-house Coaching Programs

Most Effective Tool for Work Place andBusiness Application
Do you want to be a corporate coach as effective as Marshal Gold Smith, John Whitmore, Brian Tracy, Anthony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey , Tony Buzan , Robert Diltz and many more known for their charisma to inspire anyone?

Do you want to learn the secret of outstanding leaders who remain rooted in themselves despite of turbulence and ups and downs?

Alphastars innovative BestLife NLP Model integrates solid framework of best practices that makes you a perfect Corporate or Business Coach. Some of the proven best practices of ’Coaching Excellence’ we focus are – forward visioning, solution leading, path planning, resource strengthening, action triggering, commitment building and results accomplishing strategies. While you take NLP Training and Certification programs, we use amazing and unique Bandler’s technologies, defined by us as UnConsciousStrategic rePatterning aimed at Installing BestLife Practices – Being Outstanding in any context you choose to work on yourself.

As a next step we develop corporate leaders as coaches to build Emotionally Intelligent teams and further train you on very useful and insight gaining, “Thinking Patterns Analysis ” TPA Profiling Tool. This encourages open and coaching conversations for building productive teams, inculcate culture of engaging employes at their body, mind and heart level that raises productivity and increases efficiency lowering attrition rate saving hiring costs. All adds up to more profitability. isn’t it awesome !

The training will include:

  1. Transforming to BestLife- Being Outstanding, Installing BestLife Practices.
  2. Emotional Intelligence Theory, Application and Coaching
  3. Profiling NLP Meta-Progran and how it relates to EI
  4. Mind Sonar – X–Ray of Mind
How NLP helps in Raising Emotional Quotient and Team Spirit?

One of the most profound way NLP is understood is – habituating your mind in the least possible time to be unconsciously programmed. in most elegant manner to become proficient in ’Managing and Sustaining Resourceful States’, and this what is being Emotionally Intelligent. NLP is getting curious , studying the format of subjective experience and understanding how to change, if it is not working. Thus it is about managing emotions strategically and intelligently.

The simple 4 parts, NLP model communication and behaviour explains dynamics of human interactions as: -Receiving External Information (Perceiving), Internal Thinking (Processing), Internal State (Experiencing), External Behaviour (Expressing). Thus NLP and Managing Emotional States to manage performance is sides of the same coin. won’t you agree, “Thinking before responding is what emotional intelligence is all about.”

Any emotionally wise person, takes outcome of action as feed back and flexibility respond to the situation. NLP offers sequence of techniques to alter state, generate new behaviours and respond. Reframing and questions to separate behaviour from intention further more make one better manger of personal states. for example in the times of crisis and scarcity, how do generate more choices will determine your chances to turn the situation in your favour. In all such situations, circumstances and environments, Emotional Intelligence will make you an outstanding individual.

Meta Program Profiling Tool and power of NLP to bring Blind Spots to Light

People behave perfectly and make the best choice they have. People behave differently in different in different contexts. BestLife Coach model includes a very useful module of developing insight and increasing understanding of others thinking patterns. Fortunately using simple tools you can predict and use others thinking patterns to connect, interact and get the results you want from others.

BestLife coaches are trained to develop intuition to understand the way others make decisions, perceptions and responses. You can make out their management style, stress response and feedback system that will perfectly fit in their mental models.

Business and performance is all about motivation and learning strategies. So how to assess and make use of others way of performing. AlphastarsBestLife Coaches are equipped to dynamically profile such useful patterns very systematically and practically.

As NLP is developing understanding about the way brain does coding of experience. The invaluable meta profiling assessment tool helps coaches to predicts how others are coding and going to behave, most of the time, in a particular context. And the good news is people can be coached to re-program the coding using NLP tools, this makes it for instance possible to change someone to respond like an towards gain in a certain context, instead of an away from pain.

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